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Privacy Statement


Last modified on August 1, 2023.

Aliace IT Solutions, its subsidiaries, and branch operations, collectively referred to as ‘Aliace IT Solutions,’ ‘we,’ ‘us,’ or ‘our,’ is dedicated to respecting your privacy and choices. The privacy statement (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Statement” or “Statement”) highlights our privacy practices with regard to Personal Information that we collect and process in accordance with applicable data privacy regulations.

We intend to provide a summary of our privacy practices regarding Personal Information that we collect and process about you from various sources through this privacy statement. Although the primary focus of this statement is on the data collected and processed through our websites that link to this Privacy Statement, which include (collectively referred to as “Aliace IT Solutions Websites”), our adherence to the following principles regarding personal data processing remains consistent across the organization. We may provide additional customized privacy statements depending on the purposes of processing and your relationship with us as a data subject, more information on which can be found below.

The scope of this Statement includes the types of personal data collected, how we use or process such data, who receives such data, and your associated legal rights, including how to exercise them. The Privacy Statement is global in scope, but certain additional information may be relevant to you depending on where you live. These additional terms, which are specific to these countries or regions, are highlighted in the region-specific statements below.

Wherever we have provided translations of our Statement in local languages, the English version shall prevail if there is a conflict between the local language and the English version.

1. Personal data that we collect and use

1.1 Personal Data that we Process

We may gather the following types of Personal Information:

  • Information gathered during your visit and use of our websites, such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, demographics, your computer’s operating system, device information, telemetry data, and browser type, as well as information gathered through cookies or similar tracking technologies. This is the most relevant paragraph for applicable data processing if you are a website visitor who simply browses our websites (including the hosted content) without submitting any additional data.
  • Name, title, e-mail address, phone numbers, address, designation, Company/Organization, Industry, Location (in terms of City/Country), LinkedIn profiles/URLs (or similar professional data set).
  • When you register for any of our applicable services, you will be asked to provide login information such as your Username and Password.
  • When attending any of our events, webinars, etc., audio-visual information such as photographs or images captured, video recordings (if enabled), etc.
  • Questions, comments, or feedback that you have submitted, as well as any correspondence you have had with us.
  • Marketing communication preferences, interest areas, subscription details, dietary preferences/allergies (in relation to events we may organize).
  • Furthermore, we may collect specific data points based on the categories of data subjects and their relationship with us, as described in additional Privacy Statements for relevant categories of data subjects at the end of this Statement.

1.2 Personal Information Sources

We may obtain the aforementioned Personal Information from a variety of sources, including those listed below:

  • Submitted by you, via our Website forms, applications on our portals, or by contacting/emailing our official contacts.
  • Shared with Infosys employees like our sales and marketing representatives.
  • Shared with or by Aliace IT Solutions subsidiaries.
  • Shared by the visitors’ and contractors’ employers, where applicable.
  • Sourced from public websites and social media platforms, including your publicly visible profiles.
  • Our suppliers, vendors, and service providers all contributed.
  • Cookies and other tracking technologies used on our website (details available in the Cookie Policy).

1.3. Personal Information Usages

Your Personal Information may be used for the following purposes:

  • To improve usability, troubleshooting, and site upkeep.
  • To learn which parts of the website are visited the most and how frequently.
  • To generate your login credentials (if applicable).
  • To identify you once you have registered on our website.
  • To facilitate communication with you, including contacting you and responding to your queries or requests.
  • To give you access to desirable content based on your preferences.
  • To enable marketing and sales communications, as well as other related purposes.
  • To find out if you’d like to participate in ideathons or other competitions.
  • To make testimonials and case studies available.
  • To generate and keep leads in our Customer Relationship Management database.
  • To perform data analytics for providing a better user experience, enhance website performance and achieve business objectives.
  • To improve and optimize our business operations, applications, systems, and processes, including the operation and management of our communication assets and systems, ensuring and strengthening information security, and maintaining audit trails and related records.
  • To safeguard your data and Aliace IT Solutions assets against information security threats, including unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.
  • To comply with applicable laws and other legal requirements, such as regulatory filings, record-keeping and reporting obligations, cooperating with government authorized inspections or requests, defending against any claims or engaging in legal proceedings, responding to subpoenas or court orders, and managing documentation for related purposes.

1.4. Processing legal foundation

The applicable privacy and data protection laws establish certain justifiable grounds for the collection and processing of personal data, referred to colloquially as the legal basis of processing. We primarily rely on the legal bases listed below:

  1. We process your Personal Information when it is required for the performance of a contract to which you are a party or to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract, for example, when you engage with us to receive our services and offerings, or when we manage the data of our employees to ensure the performance of their employment contract.
  2. We process your Personal Information when it is required for the pursuit of a legitimate interest by us or another party (when this interest is not conflicted with your rights to privacy); for example, when we need to comprehend how you use and interact with our website, when we need to generate your secure login information, or when we need to improve our procedures.
  3. With your permission, we process your personal information. Your consent is revocable whenever we process personal data based on it, such as when we register and invite you to events we host or when we share marketing-related communications with you.
  4. We may use your personal information to fulfill any legal obligations we may have, such as abiding by the law, defending our legal rights, and pursuing remedies.

2. Repercussions of failing to provide personal information

We may not be able to fulfill the relevant purpose of processing, including, if applicable, providing any services to you, if you choose not to provide your Personal Information that is necessary to process your request.


3. Data recipients, transfers, and disclosures of personal data:

Aliace IT Solutions never gives out your personal information to third parties for their direct marketing needs.

We communicate your Personal Information within:

  • Infosys or any of its subsidiaries;
  • Business partners; service providers;
  • Authorized third-party agents;
  • Auditors; and/or governmental bodies, as appropriate.

4. Data security

At Aliace IT Solutions, governance, process, and technology are perfectly balanced, and this combination has established Aliace It Solutions’ commitment to its customers and stakeholders. In order to protect your personal information, Aliace IT Solutions implements reasonable and appropriate security controls, practices, and procedures, including administrative, physical security, and technical controls.

5. Your Rights:

  1. Depending on the laws in your country, you may be entitled to certain rights as a data subject in relation to your Personal Information that we process, including but not limited to the right to information, access, rectification, erasure, objection, restriction of processing, and right to complain. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time where the processing of your data is dependent on it. The legality of any processing carried out prior to your withdrawal will not be impacted by this.
  2. Depending on the applicable jurisdiction, your rights as a data subject may change. For more information on this subject, kindly consult the data privacy statements applicable to your region.
  3. Exercising your rights: In order to exercise your rights, we might need to get some information from you in order to verify your identity and eligibility. Contact us at to make use of your rights.
  4. Preference Center: From our Contact Preference center, you can choose to update your preferences for Infosys Marketing communications.


6. Data retention

Except in cases where a longer retention period is required by law or for closely related, legitimate business purposes, personal information will not be kept longer than is necessary to achieve the goals specified in this privacy statement. Personal data will be securely disposed of if it is no longer necessary to keep it for legal or business purposes.

7. Contact your Local Data Protection Authority

According to the laws of the nations where you live, you have the right to file a complaint with your local data protection authority if you are dissatisfied with how we protect your personal information.

8. Linked Websites:

Our privacy practices will follow the privacy policies of the portals that we use to collect and store Personal Information about you, such as Recruitment and Global Alumni.

Links to outside websites and services are provided by Aliace IT Solutions. Aliace IT Solutions is not accountable for the privacy policies, procedures, or the information found on these third-party websites.

9. Children’s Privacy :

Children are not permitted to use Aliace IT Solutions Websites, associated goods or services, or hosted content.

As a result, we never purposefully seek out or gather personally identifiable information about children online without their prior, verifiable parental consent. If Aliace IT Solutions Limited discovers that a child has submitted personally identifiable information online without parental permission, it will take all reasonable steps to remove the information from its databases and not use it for any purpose (aside from when it’s necessary to ensure the child’s safety or the safety of others as required or permitted by law). Please send an email to if you learn of any personally identifiable data we may have collected from children.

10. Contact Information :

If you have any questions regarding our privacy practices or this privacy statement, or to request this privacy statement in another format, please contact us at:

Contact Person : Gaurang Makwana

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.

Mobile : +91 90162 73426

Email :


11. Updates to this Privacy Statement:

Aliace IT Solutions may change the data privacy practices and update this privacy statement as and when the need arises, and the same will be made available on the website. However, our commitment to protect the privacy of website users will continue to remain.